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Badger Pass: Update


Clarification on opening Badger Pass winter visitor services: NPS intends to swing the gate on the Glacier Point Road to Badger Pass at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 16. On this same day, DNC intends to open the Badger Pass Nordic Center, Sport Shop, and lodge breezeway restrooms. Since food service operations will not be available until Friday, December 22, when downhill operations will tentatively open for the season, pre-made sandwiches and other limited food items will be available from the Sport Shop. (A. Catamec - 12/14/06)

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Badger Pass

Badger Pass was scheduled to open this Friday, December 15. We have not quite reached our snow pack and will not be opening this Friday as planned. We will have Nordic, the Sport Shop, and breeze way restrooms open. Pre-made sandwiches, etc. will be available in the Sport Shop. At this time we are shooting for opening on Friday, December 22nd. (A. Catamec/D. Price - 12/13/06)

一週間ぐらい前(?)から、Tioga PassのWeb CamがUPしています。

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11/1以降、Hetch Hetchyには日中のみ入園可能です。(オーバーナイト不可)
Lower Pinesキャンプ場は10/31で冬季閉鎖となりました。
The day use hours for the Hetch Hetchy Road will be 0800-1700 starting Nov 1. (C. Flores - 10/25/06)

Campground Updates: Lower Pines Campground will close for the season on Monday October 30.
Upper Pines, Camp 4, Hodgdon Meadow, and Wawona Campgrounds remain open year round. (M. Carter - 10/30/06)

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「著名なロッククライマーが岩壁から落下、即死 ヨセミテ」
Web posted at: 18:10 JST



Weather pending, the Half Dome cables are scheduled to be taken down October 17. Last day to climb is October 16. (S. Baudoux - 9/27/06)

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残る営業箇所はHodgdon Meadow, Wawona,Camp 4(以上は当日先着順受付)、Upper Pines(予約あり、当日空きがあれば先着順)だけになります。
Campground Closures - North Pines Campground, Valley Backpacker's Campground, and Crane Flat Campground will close for the season on Monday, October 9. Hodgdon Meadow Campground, Wawona Campground, and Camp 4 will remain open year round on a first come, first serve basis. Tamarack Flat and Porcupine Campground will close for the season on October 15. Lower Pines Campground will close on October 30. Upper Pines remains open year round. (M. Carter - 10/06/06)

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Yosemite Association会長のSteven P. Medley氏が10月5日(木)、自動車事故で亡くなられました。55歳でした。

Yosemite Association President Dies in Auto Accident

Steven P. Medley, longtime President of the Yosemite Association, died in a single vehicle automobile accident October 5, 2006, while traveling to work in Yosemite National Park. He was 55 years old.

He served as President of the non-profit Yosemite Association since 1985. The Association supports the National Park Service (NPS) in a myriad of ways. These include donating profits from educational materials to the NPS, providing volunteers and interns, and providing service to the Yosemite community.

“This is a huge loss for the Yosemite family. In addition to Steve’s innumerable contributions to the park, he was known for his quick wit, dedication, and sense of accomplishment. This is a tragic loss and Steve will be missed terribly,” stated Yosemite National Park Superintendent Mike Tollefson.

Prior to joining the Yosemite Association, Steve worked for the National Park Service as a Park Naturalist, Research Librarian, and Museum Curator. Overall, Steve worked in the park for 35 years.

Medley received a B.A. Degree in Film & Broadcast from Stanford University, a Master of Library Science from the University of Oregon, and a law degree from the J.D. King School of Law at the University of California at Davis. He worked as an attorney in private practice before joining the Yosemite Association. He was raised in Gilroy, California.

During his time at the Yosemite Association, Steve edited and produced over fifty different publications. Many of his books have been recognized with awards and his Complete Guidebook to Yosemite has sold almost 100,000 copies to date.

Steve is survived by his beloved wife Jane, and three sons, Andy, Joe, and Charlie. Memorial services are pending.

We invite you to share your thoughts and stories about Steve on our message board.


お詫び 「Halfdome Hikers Club」

大変申し訳ありません。今シーズン始めから 「Halfdome Hikers Club」入会申し込みあてメールアドレスが無効になってしまっていました。入会登録をしていただいていたにも関わらず、サイトに反映されていない方は、恐れ入りますが再度登録フォームよりお送りいただきますよう、お願いいたします。

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Tioga Roadでの夜間駐車は禁止:10月15日より

ということで、Tioga Road上に車を止めてのBackpackingは不可になります。もちろんハイキング(日帰り)のための駐車は可能です。またHDケーブルも同じ頃Downします。


Effective on October 15 there is no overnight parking anywhere on the Tioga Road between Crane Flat and Tioga Pass. This includes all pullouts, turnouts, parking lots, and side roads in Tuolumne Meadows and along the Tioga Road. In addition there will be no bus service or any other facilities available along the Tioga Road after October 1. Be fully prepared for everything you will need on your hike, including either being picked up or dropped off on the Tioga Road. In addition after the 15th be prepared for the possibility that the Tioga Road may be closed due to snow and you will have to hike to another road or developed are that is open.

The Half Dome cables are set to be taken down on October 16, 2006. They will remain down all winter and are usually put back in place in the week before Memorial Day Weekend.

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TMキャンプ場は昨日で閉鎖しました。 Tioga Road上でまだ開いているのは、Porcupine FlatとTamarack Flatだけです(10月15日まで)。

Campground closure: Today 9/25/06 the Tuolumne Meadows campground closes for the season. Wawona campground will be available starting today on a first come first serve basis, the group campsite in Wawona continues on reservations year round, and the stock campsites are closed for the season. Porcupine Flat and Tamarack Flat remain open on a first come first serve basis until October 15th. (S. Ogden - 9/25/06)

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Yosemite Associationのメンバーシップを更新しました。(International会員。$50/年)

・YA主催「Outdoor Adventure」の参加費15%割引


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Olmsted Pt.リニューアル

つい先日リニューアルがすんだOlmsted Pt.も大賑わいでした。

Park Shuttleバスは、TMから30分おきにOlmsted Pt.までサービスしています。

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Lee Vining Mobil Gas Station

あっという間に大型バス4台が乗り入れ、大盛況のGas Stationでした。

店内風景。Gas StationのTシャツなども売っています。


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Olmsted Point


だいぶリニューアルの工事が進んでいます。テナヤ渓谷周辺のブロンズ製立体模型(写真:1メートル四方くらい)が置いてありました。Half Domeが見えるでしょうか?


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Stanley Albright

投稿が遅れましたが、42年間NPS職員として働き、1997-2000年の間ヨセミテ国立公園の公園長であったStanley Albright氏が8月18日に亡くなられました。ご冥福をお祈りします。
Albright氏はNPSの創設期にStephen Mather長官とともに国立公園制度そのものを作り上げたHorace Albrightの甥にあたります。


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Campground closuresなど


*Campground closures: Bridalveil Creek Campground and Yosemite Creek Campground have closed for the season. (M. Carter - 9/6/06)
*The Hetch Hetchy Road Day Use Hours are 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. (C. Flores - 9/6/06)

Yosemite Fire Information Update #23
September 03, 2006
The following trails have been reopened. Hikers should continue to use caution while traveling through these areas and be aware of possible hazards. The immediate fire area remains closed for hiker safety. Please stay out of the fire perimeter and areas that have active fire.
- The historic Great Sierra Wagon Road (between White wolf and Aspen Valley)
- Tamarack Flat to El Capitan Trail including the Old Big Oak Flat Road
- The Hetchy switchbacks to the Beehive Trail
- The Beehive Trail to Laurel Lake
- The northern loop trail of Laurel Lake

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Camp4−El Capitan間のシャトルサービス

Camp4からEl Campitanの麓までのシャトルサービスがあるようですね。地図には出ていないそうです。

The El Capitan Shuttle is now stopping at Camp 4 so that it can be more useable to the many climbers who stay at this campground. This stop is on the north side of North Side Drive near the old gas station area, not at the Valley Shuttle Camp 4 stop. The new stop does not show up on the maps yet, so it will be up to all of us to get the word out to visitors, especially those staying at Camp 4. Shuttles operate daily from 9 am to 6 pm, leaving every hour and half hour from the Visitor's Center and will arrive at Camp 4 shortly after the hour and half hour. The last bus leaves the Visitor Center at 6 pm.

Since this service has been well used and the El Capitan climbing area is very popular in September, the El Capitan Shuttle has been extended through the 1st of October. It is hoped that the addition of the Camp 4 stop and the extension of service will benefit visitors as well as reduce the number of vehicles parked at the El Capitan area. Further extension to this service will be considered if ridership remains high through September. (W. Malone - 8/31/06)

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@Tuolumne Meadows




午後にはキャンプ場にはかなりの空きが目立ち始めましたが、TH(Cathedral Lakes)は満車でした。

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Boundary Fire

Webカムを見るとEl Capitan付近に煙が入っています。火事現場ははEL. Capitanの北西付近です。Tamarack Flat方面からEl. Capitanへのトレイル(旧Tioga トレイル)及びヨセミテクリークキャンプ場の南側トレイルは閉鎖しています。

Yosemite Fire Information Update #20
August 22, 2006

The Boundary Fire was discovered yesterday afternoon and is actively being suppressed by fire crews. The cause of this fire is still under investigation. Additional resources have been ordered including a Type 2 Interagency Management Team. Visitors and residents should expect to see and smell smoke from this fire throughout the park and in the surrounding communities. This fire is located less than 1 mile north of Ribbon Falls, 1/2 miles northwest of the summit of El Capitan and spreading north/northeast through the Blue Jay Creek drainage. The Boundary Fire is burning in red fir and currently totals 400 acres.

Due to the Boundary Fire the following trailheads to El Capitan are closed:
- The Old Big Oak Flat Road Trail from Tamarack Flat Campground east to Yosemite Creek Trail
- The Old Big Oak Flat Road trailhead at Foresta
- The Yosemite Creek Trail south of the Yosemite Creek Campground
- The Lukens Lake Trail south of Tioga Road
Visitors to park can still access Upper Yosemite Falls from Yosemite Valley

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[1] 1864年:ヨセミテ渓谷(及びMariposa Grove)がカリフォルニア州立公園になりました。
[2] 1890年:ヨセミテ渓谷を囲む一帯が国立公園になりました(渓谷、Mariposa Groveを除く)
[3] 1906年:ヨセミテ渓谷が連邦に返還され、国立公園となります(ほぼ現在の公園と同じになる)。
1906年8月には(公園長でもある)Benson少佐指揮下の第14騎兵隊がヨセミテ渓谷に移動し、現在のYosemite Lodge付近に本部を設営します。以後NPSが出来るまでの10年近く、公園のパトロールをすることになります。

Yosemite Centennial Month - Did you know that Yosemite National Park has actually had three 100th anniversaries? The Yosemite Grant of 1864 gave the State of California control of Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove "for public use, resort, and recreation…." The Yosemite Act of 1890 acted on John Muir's suggestions to create a "Yosemite forest reservation"-soon changed to Yosemite National Park-surrounding the original Grant lands. A third act in 1906 provided for the Yosemite Grant's return to the federal government. In August of that year, acting superintendent Major Harry Benson of the Fourteenth Cavalry established headquarters on the site of the present Yosemite Lodge, marking the beginning of a unified Yosemite National Park much like we know it today. (C. Palmer - 8/15/06)

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John Muir カリフォルニア州の名誉の殿堂入り

最初に選ばれた12人にJohn Muirが入っています。
他にヨセミテに(少し)関連する人は女性パイロットのAmelia Earhart。Lyell渓谷のIreland Lake東側に、Amelia Earhart Peak(11,974ft)があります。

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*Donohue Pass(JMT:YosemiteとAnsel Admas Wildernessの峠)はまだ雪に覆われています。

Wilderness Center Hours
Yosemite Valley : Open 7 days a week from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Big Oak Flat : Open 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Wawona : Open 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Tuolumne Meadows : Open 7 days a week from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Hetch Hetchy : The Hetch Hetchy road is currently open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.




Two small to medium-sized rockfalls occurred in Yosemite Valley on Thursday, July 27. The first occurred at approximately 4:30 pm near the Four Mile Trail east of Sentinel rock, and consisted of a few small blocks that fell from a cliff band and rolled down a gully to the floor of Yosemite Valley. Although the rocks crossed the Four Mile Trail, no one was injured and the trail remains open. The second occurred at approximately 6:30 pm on the northwest face of Half Dome. A flake fell from low on the Northwest Face into a gully below the face, quickly breaking up into dust and small debris. Dust was visible over Half Dome for several minutes after the rockfall. At approximately 7:30 a helicopter reconaissance located the rockfall release point and determined that no climbers or hikers were injured by the rockfall. (G. Stock - 7/31/06)

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写真:ヨセミテ北西部、Lake Eleanor付近の山火事(7月29日)

公園内にはいくつかの雷による火事が(特にHetch-Hetchy方面に)発生しているようです。朝のヨセミテ渓谷Live Camが煙っているように見えますが、流れ込んできた煙のせいなのでしょうか、それともキャンプファイアの煙?

Yosemite Fire Information Update #9 - July 25, 2006

Three new lightning ignited fires were discovered burning in Yosemite National Park. Due to lack of resources and the hotter and dryer weather, fire managers have decided to suppress two of these fires. The Miguel Fire and the Half Moon Fire are expected to be contained by today (7/25/06). The Bart Fire will be managed for resource benefit. Thunderstorms are forecasted thru the end of this week and fire mangers are anticipating additional lightning strikes with possible new fire starts.

For public safety, the Laurel Lakes basin is closed. This closure includes the Miguel Meadow to Laurel Lake trail.

All wildland fire use fires are routinely monitored to ensure that the programs goals are met. Visitors may see smoke from these fires.

(*) Indicates the date the fire was detected

・ Bart Fire(*7/24) is located near Bartlett Creek, 1/2 mile north of Flora Lake. It is currently 1/4 of an acre burning in brush and dead and down fuels. This fire is surrounded by natural barriers with low potential for growth.

・ Half Moon Fire (*7/24) is located 1/2 mile from Half Moon Meadow in the Yosemite Creek drainage. It is currently 1/10 of an acre burning in red fir needle litter and down logs. Suppression tactics have been implemented and this fire is expected to be contained by today (7/25/06).

Frog Complex (The following fires are being managed as the Frog Complex)

・ Miguel Fire (*7/23) is located 1/8 of a mile east of the Miguel Meadow to Laurel Lake trail. It is currently 1/4 of an acre smoldering and creeping in mixed conifers and black oaks. Suppression tactics have been implemented and this fire is expected to be contained by today (7/25/06).

・ Laurel Fire (*7/21) is located 1 mile west, south west of Laurel Lake. It is currently 10 acres and burning in mixed conifers with moderate to high potential for growth. This fire may be visible from Lake Eleanor.

・ Frog Fire (*7/21) is located 2 miles north from Laurel Lake in the Frog Creek drainage. It is currently 4 acres. This fire is burning in red and white fir with moderate potential for growth.

・ Middle T Fire (*7/21) is located 3 miles east of Aspen valley on the north side of the Middle Fork of the Tuolumne River and near the Long Gulch Trail (between White wolf and Aspen Valley). It is currently 3 acres with moderate to high potential for growth.

・ Kibbie Fire (*7/22) is located 1/2 mile west of Kibbie Lake. It is currently 15 feet by 15 feet (15’x15’) burning in brush surrounded by natural barriers. This fire has low potential for growth.

・ King Fire (*7/18) is located 2 miles east of Mount Starr King. It is currently 50 feet by 50 feet (50’x50’) burning in sparse bushes and down logs. This fire has low potential for growth.

・ Falls Fire (*6/28) is located two miles north of Hetch Hetchy, and east of Falls Creek. It is currently 32 acres and burning in western white pine needle cast with moderate potential for growth

These fires are currently inactive:

・ Double Rock Fire (*7/17) is located approximately 11/2 miles north east of White Wolf.
・ Lukens Fire (*7/17) is located approximately1 mile north of Lukens Lake.
・ Hidden Fire (*7/10) is located 1/4 mile south west of Hidden lake and 1mile south of the Tioga Road.
・ Horizon Fire (*6/26) is located on Horizon Ridge between Ostrander Lake and Glacier Point Road. .

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Bear Activities


Weekly Bear Activity

*Bears continue to be active in all Valley campgrounds. There is a bear that checks the cars at Camp 4 on a nightly basis. She also seeks food in the campground.
*A large bear has been obtaining food from lockers that are improperly locked in the Pines campgrounds.
*A small bear was observed eating garbage in the Curry Village area.
*There were 5 car break-ins in the East Valley developed areas.
*Bears have been observed foraging naturally in the meadows near Crane Flat.
*A bear has been observed in the White Wolf campground, attempting to obtain food.
*A bear has been observed on the Mist Trail. Keep your food within arms reach at all times!
*In the backcountry, most observations have been from Cloud’s rest to LYV.

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Tuolumne Meadowsエリアをはじめ、タイオガロード沿線の諸施設がオープンしています。これでほぼすべての施設・エリアが夏期シーズン入りしたことになります。

Yosemite National Park Announces Opening of Tuolumne Area Facilities

Numerous lodging, camping, and recreational opportunities are now open for visitors to Yosemite National Park's glorious high country!
Highways 120 and 41 provide access to all areas within Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park Superintendent Mike Tollefson announced the opening of many Tuolumne area facilities today, June 30, 2006, in time for the July 4th weekend.

The Tioga Road (Highway 120 east), with its views of spectacular granite domes, pristine alpine meadows, and just-peaking wildflowers, offers visitors an incredible day trip or an unforgettable overnight stay. For visitors looking for a true Wilderness experience by foot, the Tuolumne area offers miles of hiking trails which provide an open door to Yosemite's High Sierra.

Among the facilities now open is the Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center. The Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center will open tomorrow for the summer season. It will be open daily from 9am to 6pm. Many area campgrounds including White Wolf, Tamarack Flat, and Crane Flat are now open for the season. Both Tamarack Flat and Crane Flat have first-come, first-served campsites available. Additionally, the Bridalveil Creek campground (located off of the Glacier Point Road) is open and available for first come, first-served campers.

The Tuolumne Meadows Store, the gas station, and Tuolumne Meadows Lodge and the White Wolf Lodge are opening today. Both accommodations also offer meals. Information about lodge accommodations can be found at

Many unique and exceptional activities are held yearly in the Tuolumne Meadows area. These include the Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series, a series of lectures, art and music shows, interpretive programs, and seminars offered at the historic Parsons Memorial Lodge and the 10th Annual Tuolumne Meadows Poetry Festival. More information about these and other activities offered at the Parsons Memorial Lodge can be found on the web at

Along with the Tioga Pass entrance (Highway 120 east), visitors can access Yosemite National Park from Highway 120 (west) and Highway 41 (south). Highway 140 is closed due to rockslide, but all Mariposa, Midpines, and El Portal area businesses and accommodations are open for business.

For more information, please call the Public Information Office at Yosemite National Park at 209/372-0200, or visit us on the web at (-NPS-)

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White Wolf Campground Open

White Wolf Campground and Bridalveil Creek Campground will open for the season at noon on Friday, June 30, 2006. They are both first-come, first-serve, $14/night.

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Tamarack Flat Campground Open

The first-come first-serve Tamarack Flat Campground has opened for the season. (6/20/06)

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Services along the Tioga Road and in Tuolumne Meadows will be limited. Vault toilets will be available at Tenaya Lake, Lembert Dome, and some trailheads. The Tuolumne Meadows Store, Gas Station, and the Tuolumne Lodge are expected to open in early July. All campgrounds along the Tioga Road corridor (including White Wolf, Tamarack Flat, Yosemite Creek, Porcupine Flat and Tuolumne Meadows) will remain closed until further notice.

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6月11日:108号Sonora Pass付近の山から、ヨセミテNP西半分を写した写真です。
視界50マイル以上。左のほうに見えている山々は、Banner Peak、Mt. Ritter(Ansel Adams Wilderness)、Tower Peak(手前の大きい山:Yosemite NPの北端)、 Mt. Lyell(Yosemite NPの南東端にある公園内最高峰)です。Tuolumne Meadowsは撮影地点とLyellを結ぶ直線上にあります。

9,000ft.以上の北側斜面にはまだ雪がたくさんあります。個人的予想ですが今週末はTioga Rd.が開通しそうです。

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Tioga RoadはYosemite Creekまで開いています。
Trail Condition

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The Mariposa website has some stunning photos of the slide taken by the Sheriff's Dept; if you've not accessed it, click on at:

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SD Cam復活

Sentinel DomeのWeb Camが回復しました。

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May 20, the Curry Village and Yosemite Lodge bike stand hours of operation will be 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The last bike rental for the day will go out at 4:45 p.m. and all bikes need to be in by 5:45 p.m.

Wawona Stables opened for the season on May 19 with 2-hour rides. For more information, call 209-375-6502. (A. Catamec - 5/22/06)

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Yosemite Falls Stamp

Yosemite Fallsの記念切手が発売になるようです。拡大写真はUS Postalのウエブサイトにあります。www.usps.comで、yosemite fallsを検索。”Wonders of America: Land of Superlatives”シリーズの中に隠れています。

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Halfdome cables are up!


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NPS :ヨセミテ Daily Report


Yosemite's Daily Report is an internal memorandum of long standing intended to provide timely administrative information needed for daily park operations. The primary purpose of the report is to serve as a communication tool for park management to pass specific operational information to field employees of Yosemite National Park, park partners, concessioners, and related government agencies in a fast and efficient manner and offer a format for interdivisional, interagency, and general intra-park notifications. Although the Daily Report is intended exclusively as an internal memorandum, it is posted here in an effort to extend timely operational information to the communities surrounding the park. Content in the the Daily Report is compiled from numerous sources and, in the interest of expediency, appears unedited.

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HD トレイル開通間近

連休までにはUpしそうです。 4MトレイルのUnion Pt.から先は、5月いっぱいはクローズのようです。

The Half Dome cables are down for the season. The trail crew is working on the cables. The cables will be in place as soon as possible, possibly in time for Memorial Day weekend. This will be updated as soon as more information is available.
The Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point is open only to Union Point (about halfway up the trail) and is closed between Union Point and Glacier Point. The trail will remain closed, probably through May.

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Little Yosemite Valleyへのトレイル:雪が消えています。JMT(Clark Pt.から先)もオープン。
Yosemite Fallsトレイル:リムの上は100%雪の下。
Pohonoトレイル:Old Inspiration Pt.までは雪は無し。

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Wapama Falls

Hetch-HetchyのWapama Falls(写真中央、落差約1,300ft)にはかなりの水量がありました。小さな駐車場も満車状態(30台くらい)で、滝へ向かいハイキングをする人が結構いました。

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The Yosemite Valley Stables will be opening for the season this Saturday, May 13, 2006. The only ride that will be available will be the 2 Hour Ride. Please have inquiring guests call the Stables Front Office to make reservations. Office hours are from 8am to 5pm daily. 209.372.8348 (A. Catamec - 5/12/06)

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The Big Trees Gift Shop opened for the season on May 5. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. until May 26 when the hours will change to 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (A. Catamec - 5/8/06)

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Happy Isles

ハッピーアイルのスナックスタンドが今シーズンの営業を開始しました。(11am 〜 5pm)

Happy Isles Snack Stand is now open for the season and will be open daily from 11am to 5pm weather permitting. Happy Isles Nature Center is scheduled to open May 19. (B. Archer/M. Hansen - 4/25/06)

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Vernal Fall,Nevada Fallトレイル情報

4/27からヴァーナル,ネヴァダ滝へのトレイル(ミストトレイル)がオープンしています。ネヴァダ滝へのJohn Muir Trailは未開通で、ヴァーナル滝経由でしか行けないようです。

The Vernal Fall section of the Mist Trail will be open for public use on 4/27. The Ice Cut (upper section of the John Muir Trail) is still closed. Hikers can access the top of Nevada Fall using the upper section of the Mist Trail. Hikers should expect very misty conditions and the possibility of icy conditions in the early morning hours. (L. Boyers - 4/27/06)

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Pines、Wawona、Hodgdon Meadow Group Campが今シーズンの営業をオープンしています。

Campground Updates: Upper, Lower and North Pines Campgrounds are now fully open for the season.
The back loops of the Wawona Campground have opened for the season and the campground is now on reservations.
The Hodgdon Meadow Group Camp has opened for the season and the Hodgdon Meadow Campground is now on reservations. (M. Carter - 4/21/06)

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Tuolumne Meadows Report

4月20日のレポートですが、Tuolumne Meadowsの残雪はかなり多いようです。去年の4月20日は、61インチの雪が残っていましたが、今年はそれを越える83インチだそうです。

This time of year we start getting summer hiking calls. The questions are not always easy to answer since we spend our summers further north. We can provide current weather facts though: Tuolumne Meadows had 61” of snow on the ground on this date last year (April 20th) and this year we have 83” of snow on the ground. We have also already exceeded our record precipitation for the month of April with over 5 inches of water content in the snowfall so far, any additional precipitation will just raise the record.

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今年もTioga Roadの開通が遅れそうです。


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John Muir Conference 2006


ヨセミテとはほとんど関係ないのですが、簡単な報告をします。この学会(”John Muir Conference”)は、John Muir関連の資料の殆どが集まっているStocktonのUniv. of the Pacificで、3日にわたって行われました。初日はMuirが結婚後一生を過ごしたMartinezの家へのツアー(私は参加していません)、2、3日目が発表にあてがわれました。平均参加者数は80人といったところでした。スコットランドやフィンランドからも参加された方がいました(写真上、タータンチェックのキルトをはいています。壁にはKeithの絵が掛かっています)。スコットランド訛りでMuirのフレーズを話されると、なかなかすごいものを感じました。テーマは、Muirがアメリカ外で行った旅行や社会的影響に関するものでした。Muirの功績の簡単な紹介、スコットランドの生家(町)の紹介、そこで行われている現在の教育活動、Robert Burnsの詩がMuirに与えた影響、Muirが親友の画家Keithに与えた影響、カナダ生活時代に働いていた工場そばのMuirの小屋跡の調査、Muirの採集した植物サンプルの発見作業、スコットランドやインド、南米、アフリカなどに行ったときのルートの調査などといろいろな発表がありました。参加者は、大学の研究者・学生を始め、Sierra Club、Restore Hetch Hetchyといった保護団体のキーメンバーもいましたし、一般のMuirに興味のある人も多々見られました。司会のSwagerty教授は、Muirへの興味がグローバル化してきたことを指摘していました。アトラクションは、絵を含み、Keith、LeConte、Muirの資料がいくつか展示されたこと。Muirの義父が、娘Louie(Muirの妻)にピアノを弾かせてよく歌った曲(南北戦争時の北軍の歌)をUC Berkleyのライブラリから探し出し、ピアノの伴奏付きでみんなで歌ったこと、Muirの長女Wandaの家系であるHannaファミリーが自分のワイナリーのワインをふるまったことです。個人的な収穫だったのは、発表者であるBonnie Johanna Gisel女史(”Kindred & Related Spirits:The Letters of John Muir and Jeannie C. Carr”の著者)とRobert W. Righter氏(”The Battle Over Hetch Hetchy”の著者)と直接話ができて、本の記述に関して質問できたこと、ついでに持って行った本にサインをもらったことです(笑)。
ところで、発表者の一人Eber氏に声をかけられ、「東良三」について何か知らないかと尋ねられました。Sierra ClubのMuirの簡単な紹介文(日本語版のみ)には:「高名な登山家である東良三(あずま りょうぞう)は、その青春期にミューアに深い感銘を受け、後の日本の国立公園創設者の一人になった。」とあります。氏曰く”東良三”は1914年にMartinezのMuir家を訪ねており、彼について調べたいとのことでした。氏の唯一の資料はSierra Club Bulletin 1979年 7/8月号のみでした。どなたが情報をご存知でしたらお教えください。



発表前、Muirの展示資料を準備するJohn Muir CenterのSutton氏

Muirの”The Story of My Boyhood and Youth”の初期の原稿。かなりの校正がなされている。上の写真はDunbarの町の風景。


Gisel女史のスライドショー。Muirが採集した植物のサンプルの写真に、手紙、スケッチ、写真、環境音楽を組み合わせて作られたもの。終わったときには、会場からため息が漏れていました。2008年 には Heyday Books,(Berkeley, California-publisher Malcolm Margolin)から出版されるとのことです。

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カリフォルニア 25セントコイン

写真:デザイナー Garrett Burke(右)

2002年6月、コイン収集家のBurke夫人は、カリフォルニアの25セントコインのデザイン公募があることを知り、夫のGarrett(グラフィックデザイナー)に応募を促しました。無理だろうと最初は乗り気ではありませんでしたが、2ヶ月後には参加を決意しました。ある日、Life誌(1962年10月19日号)の表紙写真のイメージをもとに、突然アイデアが閃き、30秒ほどで最初のスケッチが書き上げられました。8,300の応募は、2度の選考の後、5つに絞られ、新知事になったばかりのシュワルツネッガーによってヨセミテ・Muirデザインが選ばれました。会場を一番沸かした裏話は、[1]応募の前まで、ヨセミテに一度も行ったことがなかったこと、[2]最終選考に残った時点で、シュワルツネッガー知事に自薦のパンフレットを送り、それには”Governor Schwarzenegger, Imagine a force of nature almost as might as you”とメッセージをつけたこと、そして授賞式で、知事に会ったとき、駐車場のパーキングメーターが(25セント)コイン切れしており、罰金切符をもらったことでした。



写真4:デザインの変遷。左のものが氏による。あとはUS Mintによって修正・デザイン。



写真7:コンセプトデザインをへて、Muirのイメージの元となった写真。Merced川ぞいのMuir。後ろはRoyal Arch。杖の持ち方に注意。

写真8:Inspiration Point付近からの写真にはめ込まれたMuir。



Lyell Camp :1872

William Keith, Mt. Lyell, 1874 , Oil on Canvas (1872年スケッチ、頂上は見えていません) Hearst Art Gallery, Saint Mary's College

John Muir Conferenceという4年に一度行われる会合が、StocktonのUniv. of the Pacificで開かれたので、聞きに行きました。午後には、スコットランド出身の親友の画家William Keithについての話があり、いくつかの絵の展示や、スライドショーがありました。写真はそのうちの絵の一枚で、1872年10月、Lyell渓谷のキャンプ地でのスケッチに基づいて描かれたものです。MuirはCarrの紹介を受けて訪ねてきたKiethらを引き連れ、ヨセミテ渓谷からCathedral Pass、Tuolumne Meadowsを越え、Mt. Lyellの麓(絵)に達します。そこで初めてKeithらは風景のすばらしさに感動します: 

”At length, toward the end of the second day, the Sierra Crown began to come into view, and when we had fairly rounded the projecting headland before mentioned, the whole picture stood revealed in the flush of the alpenglow. Their enthusiasm was excited beyond bounds, and the more impulsive of the two, a young Scotchman[註:Keithのこと], dashed ahead, shouting and gesticulating and tossing his arms in the air like a madman. Here, at last, was a typical alpine landscape.” 

Muirは画家たちをそこに残したまま、単独でMt. Ritterの(初)登頂を目指しました:

”They decided to remain several days, at the least, while I concluded to make an excursion in the mean time to the untouched summit of Ritter.” 
「Mountains of California」の「A Near View of the High Sierra」の章より。

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で、私の無責任Tioga Pass Open予測は6月第一週。

場所      ID 標高(ft.) 4/1平均(in) 今日(in) 4/1との比較(%) 昨日(in) 1週間前(in)
Tioga Pass Entrance TES 9,945 ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Dana Meadows DAN 9,800 27.7 36.2 130% 36.2 35.4 <=
Slide Canyon SLI 9,200 41.1 52.3 127% 52.3 49.0
Lake Tenaya TNY 8,150 33.1 41.5 125% 41.7 39.1 <=
Tuolumne Meadows TUM 8,600 22.6 28.4 125% 28.3 27.2 <=
Horse Meadow HRS 8,400 48.6 60.1 123% 60.1 56.2
Ostrander Lake STR 8,200 34.8 39.7 114% 39.7 36.0
Paradise Meadow PDS 7,650 41.3 44.8 108% 44.6 39.6
Gin Flat GIN 7,050 34.2 20.3 59% 20.1 16.6 <=
Lower Kibbie Ridge KIB 6,700 27.4 14.9 54% 14.7 10.9


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Yosemite 記念切手



The U.S. Postal Service released a new Yosemite National Park international rate stamp at the end of February, and it's a beauty! Featuring a stunning view of "Gates of the Valley" by famed outdoor photographer Galen Rowell, the stamp is part of the new "Scenic American Landscape" series. For collectors and Yosemite lovers, the Yosemite Association has developed a special First Day of Sale Cachet that carries the special cancellation developed for the stamp along with the normal Yosemite National Park postal cancellation. The ivory envelope is printed with a beautiful line drawing of El Capitan by Jane Gyer, along with a description of the image and its significance. The cachet is now available for only $5, and Y.A. members receive a 15% discount and can purchase


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Upper Pines: Open all year (open back loops 3/13/06; close back loops 11/26/06)
Lower Pines: 3/24/06-10/30/06
North Pines: 4/7/06-10/09/06
Camp 4: Open All Year
Wawona (family, group and horse): (A-Loop and group open year round)-- (4/21/06-9/25/06 on reservations)
Bridalveil Creek: 7/7/06-9/4/06-- Not taking any group/horse reservations for dates before 7/15/06 (will open earlier if possible)
Crane Flat: 8/1/06-10/09/06 (Only the back two loops)
Hodgdon Mdw: Open all year (4/14/06-10/9/06 on reservations)
Tamarack Flat: 6/30/06-10/15/06 (will open earlier if possible)
White Wolf: 6/30/06-9/17/06 (will open earlier if possible)
Yosemite Creek: 6/30/06-9/4/06 (will open earlier if possible)
Porcupine Flat: 6/30/06-10/15/06 (will open earlier if possible)
Tuolumne Mdw: 6/30/06-9/25/06-- Not taking any reservations for dates before 7/15/06 (will open earlier if possible) (M. Carter - 2/22/06)

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My First Summer in the Sierra 初版本(1911年)


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また8月には執筆者陣そろってのJohnson Peakへのハイキングも実現できました。2006年も楽しい年にしたいものです。

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Yosemite National Park News Release
November 21, 2005
For Immediate Release

Camping Fees to Increase in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park announced today that camping fees will increase beginning January 1, 2006.

Campgrounds affected by the rate increase are Upper Pines, Lower Pines, and North Pines in Yosemite Valley, Hodgdon Meadows and Crane Flat, Tuolumne Meadows, and Wawona. Rates in these campgrounds will increase from $18/ night to $20/ night.

Additionally, first-come, first-served sites at Bridalveil Creek and White Wolf will increase from $12/night to $14/night and Tamarack Flat, Yosemite Creek, and Porcupine Flat will increase from $8/night to $10/night.

Prices at Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley and at the Backpackers camps in Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, and Hetch Hetchy will remain at $5/night. Stock camps, ($25/night) and group camps ($40/night) will also be unaffected by the rate increase.

Most campsites in Yosemite National Park are on a reservation system. The National Park Reservations Service is currently taking reservations five months in advance. The toll-free reservation number is 800/436-7275. Reservations can also be made online at Reservations are always recommended in Yosemite National Park, especially during the peak season.

For a complete list of campground locations and opening/closing dates, please refer to

The increase in camping fees resulted from a comparative study of area campgrounds. Rates were last increased in February, 2001.

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TUOLUMNE MEADOWSは先月末から今月初めの雪で36インチ(約91センチ)の積雪があるようです。


December 2, 2005

WEATHER: from previous week
High temp: 37° (November 30)
Low temp: 5° (November 28)
New Snow: 43” (Nov 29, 30 & Dec 1)
Total settled snow depth: 36” (Dec 2)

SKI CONDITIONS: The door to the backcountry has been opened with several feet of heavy snow to cover many of the non-ski friendly objects.

AVALANCHE/SNOW CONDITIONS: (above 8000’) Avalanche danger is HIGH.

DISCUSSION: With 2-3 feet of new snow in the last 24 hours avalanche potential is always HIGH. The snow is very heavy (3.35” of water content in the last 32”of snow fall) so it should settle or set up quickly. The lingering and highest avalanche potential will be where few anchors (like trees and boulders) exist. In the Tuolumne area those anchorless slopes are bare granite slopes, in other areas they may be grass or scree slopes. Also be alert on north slopes, particularly above 9000’, where weeks old snow has developed a ground level depth hoar (evident as loosely bonded sugary snow). This depth hoar layer may haunt us for some time in the pockets where it is well developed. Be suspicious of depth hoar in those areas you’ve been eyeing for the last month waiting for just a little more snow coverage.
Our duties have transitioned quickly from the road to the snow so we have not had a chance to check out snow conditions as closely as we would like. Here are some sources for snow and weather conditions. ,through this site you can access the avalanche centers and information including the Truckee avalanche center and the Bardini foundation for the eastern Sierra. An exciting new site is which is the EASTERN SIERRA AVALANCHE CENTER based out of Mammoth Lakes California. This is their first year of operation but their expertise and depth of information should make them the first stop for any backcountry users. They are a non-profit, membership and privately funded organization so we encourage you to check them out. If you like what you see make it your avalanche center. This is also a good time to remind you that the avalanche reports on the Tuolumne Update are based on our observations and limited to the ski radius of the Tuolumne area.

WILDLIFE: Once again it is easy to tell who our neighbors are as Pine Martins, Coyotes, Squirrels and others leave tracks of their whereabouts.

QUESTIONS: If you have any ski related questions feel free to call (209) 372-0450 between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. If we are out skiing, leave a message and a clear phone number so we can return your call. (Tracey & Bruce, Tuolumne Winter Rangers)

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Tioga Gas Mart

Lee ViningのTioga Gas Martは今年もすでに冬期閉鎖で再オープンはApr-28-2006とのことでした。(張り紙されてます)





NPSによると、The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)によって、今春導入されたヨセミテ国立公園のハイブリッド・シャトルバスのシステムが「National Clean Bus Leader for 2005」に選定されたようです。

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John Muir trail補修のため一時閉鎖

Beginning October  4, 2004 and ending the afternoon of November 10, 2004 a detour will be in effect on the John Muir trail between Happy Isles and the base of Vernal Falls Bridge. This section of trail will be closed for repairs between 7:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday (except Columbus Day). This section of trail will be open to the public during non-working hours. Hikers will be rerouted to the “Horse Trail”, with several informational and instructional signs. (E. Anders - 9/17/04)



White Wolf Campground has closed for the season. (M. Carter - 9/20/04)

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Bridalveil Creek、Yosemite Creek、Tamarack Flatのキャンプ場が今シーズンの営業を終了しています。
Tamarack Flat campground has closed for the season. (M. Carter  - 9/13/04)
Bridalveil Creek and Yosemite Creek Campgrounds have closed for the season. (M. Carter - 9/08/04)



8/21〜26のTuolumne Meadows5泊6日のヨセミテ行きも無事打ち上げた後、8月27日夜シリコンバレーSunnyvaleのブリュワリーでこのサイトの執筆者グループのOFFミーティングが行われました。小林さん、吉野toshiさんご夫妻、ヨシエさん、すやまさん、そして私にしむらの6名でした。初対面の組み合わせも多く、ヨセミテの話あれこれに花が咲きました。

東海岸まで再び北米大陸を往復して京都に帰宅しました。(サンノゼ−ボストン便では、「終電に乗った酔っ払い」状態でRed eyeフライトでした。)ともあれ、たのしいひとときをありがとうございました。セッティングしていただいた小林さんに感謝です。

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