High Sierra


何気無く使っている「High Sierra」という言葉ですが、”The Geologic Story of Yosemite National Park” (N. King Huber著、Yosemite Association出版) によると、それはJ. D. Whitneyによって造られた言葉と書いてありました。確かにWhitneyの「The Yosemite Book」(1868年出版)の第四章には「The High Sierra」とタイトルが付いており、以下のような文章で始まっています。
「Having, in the last chapter, given as full a description of the Yosemite Valley as our space will permit, we proceed next to call the reader’s attention to the higher region of the Sierra Nevada, the Alps of California, as the upper portion of the great chain of mountains is sometimes called; this region we designate, for convenience, as the ”High Sierra.” It is, however, especially the elevated valleys and mountains which lie above and near the Yosemite that we wish to describe, and to endeavor to bring to the reader’s notice, as this is not only a region central and easy of access, but one extremely picturesque, and offering to the lover of high mountain scenery every possible inducement for a visit.」