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  • Mariposa Grove Road will open…


    The Mariposa Grove Road will open to public motor vehicle traffic on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 0800 hours. Due to excessive moisture in the road bed a weight restriction will be enforced. Vehicles weighting in excess of 7000 lbs. will not be allowed to drive on the Mariposa Grove Road until further notice. The Mariposa Grove DNC gift shop will also open on Saturday, March 31. (M. Dowdle – 3/29/07)
    The Wawona Golf Course will open for the season on Saturday, March 31. (M. Dowdle – 3/29/07)
    Trails Closure/Lower Yosemite Falls Trail – Surface improvements of the east side of the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail (accessibility trial) is scheduled to start April 9th through May 9th. For employee and public safety concerns the segment of trail from the Lower Yosemite Comfort Station to the Main Yosemite Falls Bridge will be closed to all traffic throughout this work period. Please contact Mike Pieper 379-1263 or Jose Lopez 372-0576 for any questions concerning the project. (J. Lopez – 3/29/07)

  • The Hetch Hetchy road



    The Hetch Hetchy road hours of operation will be 0700-2000 starting April 1st, 2007. The Hetch Hetchy fee operation will begin collecting entrance fees on April 5th, 2007. For more information on access to Hetch Hetchy contact the Hetch Hetchy Ranger Station at 379-1928. For fee related questions contact the Hetch Hetchy Fee Office at 379-1922. (C. Smith – 3/26/07)

  • Tioga Road 除雪データ


    Tioga Road 開通・閉鎖日
    Ski Conditions and Weather: It has been a very warm and dry week here at Tuolumne Meadows. Our afternoon highs the past three days have been in the low to mid sixties, with overnight lows barely reaching the teens. We have had no new snow, and our base is down to only 31 inches of snow. This is the shallowest snowpack in nearly 20 years here at Tuolumne Meadows; not since 1988, when there was only 29 inches of settled snow, has there been less snow on the ground on this date. There are more and more spots of open water along the Tuolumne River, and it definitely feels like spring. Ski touring is still very good however, with a nice firm base in most places making travel very easy for the most part. The weather forecast shows the warm and dry weather to continue for at least the next week.
    Olmeted Point除雪ビデオ

  • ブッシュ大統領、国立公園への予算増強


    President Bush Proposes Budget Increase for National Parks
    In his proposed budget last week, President Bush set aside $2.4 billion to help reverse chronic funding shortages in national parks. The money, a combination of public and private funds, would pay for a much needed increase in seasonal rangers and maintenance and construction. As part of this proposal, Yosemite could see as much as a 13% increase in funding over its 2006 budget.
    Learn more by following the link below to the San Francisco Chronicle.
    Photo by Bob Campagna

  • 積雪量


    Park Rangers recently completed the February 1 snow surveys. Overall, the Tuolumne drainage has 43% of average water content while the Merced drainage has 41% of average. Depths ranged from 40 inches of snow at Grace Meadow (14 inches of water) to 17 inches of snow at Tuolumne Meadows (5 inches of water). This is the driest February 1 survey since the early 1990s. (M. Fincher – 2/5/07)

  • ビジターセンター展示リニューアル中



    Visitor Center Exhibits
    Wall mural installation is ongoing.
    Electrical work will continue through the project
    Rock sculpture installation is underway.
    Floor finishing will continue through Feb. 5th.
    Internal exhibit construction will begin Feb.5th.

  • 新キャンプ予約システム


    新しい予約システムになるようです。下の表の見方は、例えばJune 15 – July 14の間の予約は、Feb. 15から受け付けられるということでしょうか。
    On February 7, 2007, the National Park Reservation Service and the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) will combine to provide enhanced reservation services in Yosemite National Park for both group and individual campsites. Campers will be able to use the www.recreation.gov website or contact the NRRS Call Center at 877/444-6777 to make reservations. All previous reservation phone numbers and websites will automatically redirect campers to the new system.
    As before, reservations may be scheduled in Yosemite National Park five months prior to the date of arrival. The booking system is as follows:
    Camping arrival date/ First day to make reservations:
    Dec. 15 – Jan. 14 / Aug. 15
    Jan. 15 – Feb. 14 / Sep. 15
    Feb. 15 – Mar. 14 / Oct. 15
    Mar. 15 – Apr. 14 / Nov. 15
    Apr. 15 – May 14 / Dec. 15
    May 15 – June 14 / Jan. 15
    June 15 – July 14 / Feb. 15
    July 15 – Aug. 14 / Mar. 15
    Aug. 15 – Sep. 14 / Apr. 15
    Sep. 15 – Oct.14 / May 15
    Oct. 15 – Nov. 14 / June 15
    Nov. 15 – Dec.14 / July 15

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  • 年間入園パス値上げ


    これまでNPS管理の国立公園、国立史跡等でのみ通用していた「National Parks Pass(年間50ドル)」は廃止され、「America the Beautiful Pass(年間80ドル)」として、NPSのほか、連邦政府機関が管理するサイトに入園できるようです。

    National Parks Pass Fees Increase
    Beginning January 1, 2007, the National Park Pass and the Golden Eagle Pass were discontinued and
    replaced with new America the Beautiful passes. The passes provide access to and use of NPS, USDA FS, FWS, BLM and Reclamation sites which charge an entrance or standard fee for one annual fee. New
    rates for the America the Beautiful Pass are $80 for 12 months and $10 for seniors.
    For more information visit www.recreation.gov…
    articipating agencies include the National Park Service (NPS), Forest Service (USDA FS), Fish
    and Wildlife Service (FWS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Bureau of Reclamation
    (Reclamation), Army Corps of Engineers (COE) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

  • TV番組: Vertical Frontier


    『Vertical Frontier』 KQED(Channel 9) 1月7日 午後1時。
    ウエブサイト: ビデオあり
    Vertical Frontier – If you’re not up for watching the latest football championship, tune into KQED (Channel 9) on Sunday, January 7 at 1 pm or on Thursday, January 11 at 11 pm and watch the broadcast version (54 minutes instead of 90 minutes) of Vertical Frontier. Tom Brokaw narrates this award winning documentary about the history of climbing in Yosemite. Kristi Denton Cohen, of Peloton Productions, produced this feature documentary, narrated by Tom Brokaw. The film won “Best Film on Climbing” at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2002 and at the Kendall Mountain Film Festival in 2003. (S. Clark – 1/4/07)