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    # The Half Dome cables will not be in place over the May 21-23 permit period. Snowpack in the Yosemite high country is currently well above average (134% in the Merced River basin), with the potential for additional cool, wet weather in the next week. As a result, the Half Dome cable route and subdome are covered in deep snow, making trail conditions poor. For the safety of National Park Service employees setting up the cables and for hikers, the cables will not be put up until conditions improve. We will monitor conditions over the next two weeks and issue an expected opening date as soon as possible. If you have a permit for May 21-23, you will receive a refund for the reservation fee.
    (Learn more about the Half Dome hike. Please note that permits are required to hike to Half Dome on Fridays-Sundays and holidays beginning this year.)
    # The Mist Trail from near Vernal Fall Footbridge to the top of Vernal Fall (and to Nevada Fall) is open. The John Muir Trail between Clark Point and the Panorama Trail (near the top of Nevada Fall) is closed for the season.
    # The Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point is closed for the season at Union Point (no access to Glacier Point).
    # The southern portion of the Mirror Lake Loop is closed due to a rock fall. (Access to Mirror Lake and Snow Creek Trail is still available, as usual.) Learn more about the rockfall.
    # The trail to Wapama Falls is closed to stock (but is open to hikers) beyond the Beehive junction due to a rock fall.

  • Dewey Point and Crocker Point



    P1はBadger Pass Ski Areaの駐車場。ここから歩き始めます。
    1マイルほどGlacier Point Rdを進んだあたりで(P2)左折し、雪原に入ります。新雪の直後で無い限り、まずトレイルが出来上がっています。3マイルほど歩けばDewey Pointに到着(ルートはかなり大まかです)。
    Dewey Pointへは#14と#18の二つのルートがあります。上記は#18で、Up-Downが少なく初心者向き。
    P4はCrocker Point。Dewey Pt.の直前で分岐、10分ほど下れば到着(トレイルが出来ていれば)。 
    P5: Inspiration Point。Tunnel Viewの山側の駐車場にTHがありそこから1.5マイル弱。
    P6: おそらく誰もが一度は車で行くTunnel View (Discovery View)。一番有名な観光スポットの一つ。

    Dewey Pointから見るValley。

    Crocker Pt.から見るValley。Dewey Pt.に比べヨセミテ南東方面の遠望にかけますが、真下にBridalveil Fallを見下ろせ、水量の多いときには展望を楽しめそうな感じ。

  • 【重要】ハーフドーム登頂の事前許可プログラムが試行


    3月1日からrecreation.gov もしくはTEL.1-877-444-6777で受付、1予約につき最大4名。手数料$1.5のようです。

    Yosemite National Park Announces Interim Program for Half Dome Day Use Permits to Address Visitor Safety

    Half Dome Permits

    Frequently Asked Questions about Half Dome Permits

  • ハーフドーム・ハイカーズ・クラブ新入会者募集中!



  • ultrarunner : Catra Corbett


    Current unsupported JMT hiking record: (noresupply allowed)
    2007 – Michael Popov – 4 days 5 hrs and 25 minutes at age 29
    2005 – Jackie Florine 6 days, 6 hours, 23 minutes.
    2004 – Reinhold Metzger, 62, Point Loma, backpacked the 211-mile John Muir Trail from Mt. Whitney to Yosemite National Park’s Happy Isles in five days, 7 hours, 45 min
    2004 – Catra Corbett (dirt diva) 5 days, 15 hours, 50 minutes
    2003 – Reinhold Metzger, 61, Point Loma, backpacked the 211-mile John Muir Trail from Mt. Whitney to Yosemite National Park’s Happy Isles in five days, 10 hours .
    Yoyo Record:
    2004 – Catra Corbett (dirt diva) in yoyoed – one way 5 days, 15 hours, and 50 minutes. Her yo yo time was 12 days, 4 hours, and 58 minutes. She did a resupply at the midpoint.
    Current supported JMT hiking record:
    2007 Sue Johnston age 41 in 3 days 15 hours 32minutes August
    2004 Kevin Sawchuck in 93 hours and 5 minutes
    2003 Brian Robinson……….4 days……7hrs…2 minutes
    2003 Peter Barkwin ………..3 days…22 hrs…4 minutes
    Catra Corbett, Fremont
    I am 42 years old. I have been running since 1996 and running ultramarathons since 1998. I have run over 200 ultras, 51 of them 100-milers. I hold the women’s speed record on the John Muir Trail, 212 miles from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney in 5 days, 15 hours and 50 minutes. I also hold the overall yo-yo record on the Muir Trail, 424 miles in 12 days, 4 hours and 57 minutes. In 2002, I ran the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco, a six-day 151-mile race through the Sahara Desert. The runners have to carry a 20-pound pack with all your gear. I was the 19th woman overall and second American woman. Also in 2002, I completed a solo 100-mile run through Yosemite with a nine-pitch rock climb called Nutcracker at mile 57 with my then-husband and noted climber Ammon McNeely. For more info, visit my website: www.trailgirl.blogspot.com.

  • JMT Record Attempt (by Michael Popov)


    2006年秋にAL ShaverによるJMTスピードハイクのことを書きましたが、その一年後記録が大きく書き換えられていたようです(26時間短縮)。
    2007年7月末、Michael PopovとAaron Sorensenの両氏は、ビヤ樽までも持って
    Mt. Whitney中腹のWhitney Trail campへと登り、そこで数日間の高度順化をしました。
    そして7月30日正午、Whitneyの頂上からYosemite ValleyのHappy Isleを目指し、全長211マイルのJMTハイクを開始しました。二人は競争をするように進み、当然ペースは上がります。しかしSerensen氏は途中でリタイア、Popov氏は101時間25分(4日と5時間25分!)後、Happy Isleに到着しました。
    これは二人の記録。ヨセミテの横断(Lyell Canyonの最奥-Tuolumne Meadows-Cathedral Path-Little Yosemite Valley-Happy Isle)には10?11時間程度をかけています。最後のJMTのジグザグのくだりの苦労は涙ものです。 Half Domeを上った帰りに、同じような経験をされた方もいるかも。
    出発点のMt. Whitney頂上
    終点のHappy Isle

  • June Wilderness Conditions


    Trails Update:
    Snow line is around 8,000 to 9,000 feet, on average.
    All park trails are open, however:
    * The Half Dome cables are up for the season. The cables usually remain up through Columbus Day, which is October 12 this year. (Learn more about the Half Dome hike.)
    * The southern portion of the Mirror Lake Loop is closed due to a rockslide. (Access to Mirror Lake and Snow Creek Trail is still available, as usual.) Learn more about the rockfall.

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